What is Off-page and on-page SEO?

Digital marketing one of the most successful tools used by marketing agencies, PR teams, and organizations. Every company established, establishing, new or old has taken the ladder of digital marketing. The reason for this change in the pattern of advertising is the varied options one gets under this.


From word of mouth, pamphlets, postcards, posters, television to this modern technique every business has become digital-friendly. The reason for the surge in digital marketing is the availability of smartphones, laptops, and technology advancements. And the amount of return the companies, as well as the customer, gets.


Digital marketing offers many strategies and tools that a company can use for its campaigns. The bottom line of each strategy or method is to create brand awareness, sales generation, and promotion of the brand. Some of the tools are-

1.SEO – Search engine optimization is a technical setup wherein by using certain keywords the content of the company will come upon the first pages of the search results.

2. Social media platform- Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all are new business hubs for marketers and for the consumers to intimidate their purchasingbehavior. It includes influencer marketing, entrepreneur, and sponsored posts.

3. Email Marketing- Have you seen mails from Zomato or Myntra or any other company in your mailbox. Yes, this is exactly what email marketing is. The company sends informative, relevant and engaging emails so that consumer knows about the brand, what new features are coming and so on.

4. Mobile marketing- Mobile is a gadget, which we never forget to carry and definitely comes under the most important thing in our lives and is always in our pockets. This strategy being used by marketers very effectively. Mobile marketing includes sending text messages, MMS. So that consumer gets to know about the brand more.

5. Video marketing – Another strategy involves making a video of 10, 20,30’s about the brand and trying to engage with the brands’ with the video content on youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Search engine optimization is used by marketers to draw traffic to the company’s page.  But it is more than this definition, it includes many factors while choosing SEO for the marketing campaign.


1. ON-PAGE – On the page, SEO allows to optimize the individual page and link and draw traffic

2. Off-page SEO – Off-page allows to take actions outside one own website or page and link and to optimize search engine pages result.


Are you worried about how to use SEO for your company campaign? Are you worried about whether to take on or off SEO?

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